Sunday, August 30, 2009


#242, Bruxelles

There's an entire comic strip museum -- housed inside a gorgeous Art Nouveau building designed by Victor Horta, well worth salivating over -- but you don't have to leave the streets of Brussels to come across some cool drawerings in the most unexpected places. This one was so unexpected, I didn't even see it myself the first time around. Here's a few other scenes from my Belgian waffling, just because I'm feeling nostalgic: an impromptu James Bond mural and a peeling poster from a derelict back street. Ah, Brussels: you just never know what's going to sprout up.


GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Yesterday's informative post deserved 241 comments, at least. That coding system for houses has great possibilities. I need to ponder it! Brussels seems to be where your take the greatest liberties with numbers! Have you notices. Least likely to be house numbers.

Therese Cox said...

Thanks, GDP. You'll probably start noticing the fire diamond on buildings now that you know to look for it. Pretty cool, right?

As for Brussels, your observation is spot on. I went there well before this blog was even an idea, and after creating an installation based on my #s from Prague, Vienna, and Budapest in 2007. I actually had to STOP myself from taking pictures of numbers when I arrived in Belgium - it had gotten to be such an obsession that I thought it would take over my vacation. Of course, I still found ways around it. And now, I've just completely resigned myself to the idea. Where there are numbers, I will photograph them.

Jackie said...

Dude. Totally slacking on my blog reading. "Belgian waffling." AHHAAAA!!! You're a witty one. And to be honest-- I just can't think of waffles in quite the same light after your older post... ya know- with the waffle throwing stories and such.

Therese Cox said...

Oh no you DIDN'T throw that waffle in my face!

Still laughing about that story.

Julie said...

Sick pun but nicely ignored by all but moi.