Saturday, September 5, 2009


#248, New Haven, CT

Labor Day weekend is upon us, that harbinger of fall, giver of picnics, and definitive nail in the coffin of summer. The annual emptying-out of New York City has already begun, as urbanites with more money and plan-making ability than I escape the daily grind and flock to greener pastures for the last weekend of summer. Since I plan to spend the weekend here in the city hunkering down to get some serious work done on my novel, I can think of no better figure to evoke than this book-reading contortionist. Not only is he smart (he's a Yale man), doubtless we'll be suffering some of the same eyestrain, mental exertion, physical aches and pains, and moments of occasional beauty as we devote ourselves to our senseless labors of love. I think I'm in good company. Wish us luck, and have a good weekend yourself.


Jackie said...

That guy cannot be remotely comfortable. Wonder what he's reading.

Good luck with your writing weekend, friend.

"redabies"- an affliction of color suffered by a child who has just been born.

Pierre said...

Blessings on your head, Mozel Tov Mozel Tov!

Therese Cox said...

Thanks, friends. I'll be putting in many more hours today as well.

Jackie - Good one. I miss the Word Verification word definitions. Perhaps infants get "redabies" after being bitten by a dog?

Patrick said...

Having just departed my beloved Brooklyn and signed a lease in New Haven, this makes me very happy. I'll be keeping an eye out for this flexible fellow in my near future travels about the city.

Julie said...

He is quite escherish.