Sunday, September 20, 2009


#263, Brooklyn


GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

OK, 262 looks like stupa wall detail for ancient Nepali art. 263 looks like a scene from a quickie-something class project students would put together to post on You Tube. Too funny and what a dichotomy from ancient art to modern rush! Now make my day and find a 26+ for this week BURSTING in color! Duct tape? Dollar store refrigerator magnet number sets? The possibilities are limitless.

Jackie said...

Ooooooh I hope it's a puppy!.... with a number on his back.

What are we looking at here, T?

Therese Cox said...

263 is a scene from a quickie-something art project I put together to post on Blogger. Greensboro, you are SO close!

Soft white blanket (generally used to curl up with whilst reading a good book) + Peel N' Stick 1/2 inch Helvetica numerals = 263.

Fuzzy math.

Julie said...

cheap acyrillic rug with a Dan Brown clue