Friday, September 25, 2009


#268, New Haven, CT

Gothic fonts are very near and dear to my heart. A childhood fascination with Olde English gradually developed into an out-and-out obsession with the dark and ornate typefaces. In fact, the only thing potentially better than a good Gothy font is the good Gothy font's name. There can only be one Olde English, of course, but plenty of other spin-offs exist and they need names, too. Enter the other playas: English Towne, Lucida Blackletter, Middle Saxony Text, Kingthings Spike, Xenippa, Blackwood Castle, Prince Valiant, Sketched Cassius Broken. Incidentally, I've always longed to use Lucida Blackletter as a nom de plume. With a parade of names like this, I can easily see entire operas being played out. But I do wish I could come up with the perfect name for this lovely Gothic hand-painted font where the number 8 resembles a Pokemon character.


Anonymous said...

This may not be perfect, but how about Pokemon Gothic Flourish?

Therese Cox said...

Love it! I can see the trading cards now.

Hmm - typographical trading cards. That would be kind of awesome.

Ray Gunn said...

Snorlax Rotunda!

(OK, that sounds more like a medical condition, but I'm on to something....)

Therese Cox said...

Snorlax Rotunda! But of course.

Inspired by your idea, I went to look up a picture of Snorlax and ended up taking a "which Pokemon character are you?" quiz.

"You are most like Charizard, the fire dragon. You are mostly a loner, but you have one or two friends. You travel a lot, and like to use your Flamethrower. Your type is fire."

Hell yes.

Uh. Happy Friday, everyone.

Julie said...

This is a brain invader.