Friday, October 16, 2009


#289, Budapest

Skulls: they make me feel so warm and fuzzy. I found this lurker painted on the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, which spans the Danube and connects Buda to Pest. If you like this little guy, be sure to check out the non-stop skullfest over at Skull-A-Day. And while you're there, why not download the delightful Skullphabet font? It's free and it's cute, and with Halloween just around the corner, the time for free skull fonts is now. Kind of brings a whole new meaning to the word typeface, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Download free scary/horror (Halloween special) fonts at

Adam said...

I know Hungary is a cold place - I lived there one winter - but is absolute zero a little colder over there too?

Anonymous said...

Have a skullfullisciously delightful weekend! :)

Therese Cox said...

There are many scary fonts, but there is only one SKULLPHABET.

Adam - Just imagining the snow falling over that bridge is making me dreamy.

designslinger - Right back at ya.

Julie said...

This one makes me smile