Saturday, December 5, 2009


#339, Lower East Side, NYC

A favorite among fading ad enthusiasts, ghost sign collectors, and hunters of the New York ephemeral (do not be fooled by our intrepid nature: we are legion), this decaying 339 on Grand Street on the Lower East Side is the gold standard.

"Ideal" was the big advertising promise back in the day -- you can see another example of it in my #20, Samuel Cohen's Son Ideal Class on 2nd Street -- and here both ladies & men could rest assured that they could fetch their ideal hosiery wholesale from this corner shop. (It begs the question, what exactly is men's hosiery, anyway?) My heart went pitter-patter when I discovered this gorgeous specimen of urban decay earlier this year on an otherwise uneventful number-hunting expedition on the LES, and if I wasn't already bought, sold, and sent down the river at first glance, when I glimpsed that tiny fading ampersand I sure as heck was.

More gawking, speculating, history-mongering, and oohing and ahhing to be found from fellow friends at Greenwich Village Daily Photo, Lost City, and Fading Ad Blog. Or take a stroll down Hosiery Row and see for yourself. Have an ideal weekend.


Jackie said...

gorgeous picture, T.

Did I ever tell you the story about how I grew up thinking pantyhose was a bad word? My little cousin set me straight when I was about eleven. Still, to this day, I blush a little when I hear the word hosiery.

Radge said...

Agreed on the picture.

Did I see a Broken Social Scene reference secreted into this piece? Love that piece of music.

Therese Cox said...

Jackie - It's an ugly word. "Pantyhose," "blouse," and "slacks" are three words that ought to be banned. They make me cringe. Tights, tops, and trousers, please.

Radge - Totally accidental. I don't know Broken Social Scene at all. Where should I begin?

Radge said...

This is the song I was referring to. The album's 'You Forgot It In People,' I think.

Slightly hit and miss but some great music too.

Ray Gunn said...

Another vote for totally gorgeous! This week has been astounding, Tea. You're really ending the year on a high note, and I hope you're pleased with your collection.

Agreed on "pantyhose," "slacks," and "blouses," too. May I also add "chinos" to the list? I don't see why they can't be called pants. At least here in America where pants means trousers.

Therese Cox said...

Ray - Thanks for the praise. The numbers have been good to me this week. So much the better as I still have no idea what I'm doing after I hit the big 365. Might be time to re-open the suggestion box... I'm getting a little fidgety about the whole affair.

Therese Cox said...

And Radge - Wow. Thanks for the link. Totally not what I was expecting. (I must've been primed for something like Social Distortion, based on the name. Imagine my surprise.) Definitely on my way to check out more.

O, Canada!

Julie said...

Tights, tops and trousers ... way to go. Also include frocks and cardies.