Friday, December 25, 2009


#359, Branson, Missouri

Some people say Christmas has become too commercialized. But when I look at this candy-striped sign from the taffy capital of the world (I just made that part up -- don't consult the Branson tourist board), I feel pretty darn cheery. For the full effect, you have to picture the giant sign above this building that says "OZARKLAND" and the skinny old man in overalls and a baseball cap chewing tobacco in a lawn chair on the porch. There it is: your moment of Currier & Ives, American heartland style. Merry Christmas, all. Please eat too many cookies.


Julie said...

Ker-ching! Looks like the butcher's tally for my chops.

Therese Cox said...

Oh, the things you can get for $3.59. Here in Ozarkland, y'all can get a baseball hat!