Friday, February 12, 2010

#14: Here Be Numbers

#14, Brussels

Number hunting is far more fun when you can supplement it with a treasure map. This 14 kills two birds with one golden scroll of trompe l'oeil parchment. It's almost enough to make you wish it were September 19th. Now where's me skull and that bottle of rum?


myletterstoemily said...

ahoy! i didn't know your were back.

so glad.

Julie said...

This seems very incongruous! I know pirates are from ages past and I know the brickwork here is old and I know the map is meant to look old. But it doesn't. It is too clean with the map being not tatty enough. The light is wonderful but it does not help the untattiness ... the effect is to make it more 2D and unframed.

Know what I mean ... ?

Therese Cox said...

Sorry, got behind on the comments. Nutty weekend.

Nice to see you, myletterstoemily.

Julie - Yes, it's bright and shiny and incongruous, but I totally see treasure map.