Saturday, April 25, 2009


#115, Lower East Side, NYC

Ah, monochrome. It's not often you'll notice these hidden patches of monotonous color in the streets of New York City, and when you do, it's kind of a miraculous sight. In a city of perpetual sensory overload, it's an effect you only get from fixing your viewfinder on a small square of space and clicking.

My camera helps me focus not just a lens but my mind as well. It's my way of making sense of the city, of blocking out the rest of the visual noise. With each snap of the camera, I'm capturing little bits of New York's soul, which is my artistic revenge on the place that, on a hectic day, can steal away large chunks of mine.

As for the materials here, I can't quite figure out the number. It appears to have been manufactured with strips of electrical tape. But I have to wonder: how did the color match come out so well? What with all the famous specialty stores - a store for buttons, one for rubber stamps, another for accordions - one wonders if there is a tape store down in that historic Bargain District where you can drop in and select any color tape imaginable. It's one of my favorite things, by the way: calling the Main Squeeze on Essex Street and hearing the tagline on the message: "for all your accordion needs." In a city this big, you have to account for a lot of needs.


Pierre said...

Accordianated person that you are, have you ever heard of Pete Barbuti?

Robt P said...

Your second paragraph reminds me a little of a chap called Eric de Maré- a 20th century British architectural photographer; specifically 'The eye itself formalises and selects. Indeed, it creates what it sees.' and other such gems. That's from his great book 'Photography and Architecture' which I keep meaning to buy (OOP but available 2nd hand).

Have I mentioned him before? I'm a big fan. Re-reading his bio, I'm guessing you and he could become firm friends.é

Have a look:

Therese Cox said...

Pierre - Not as of yet. Should I? I'm slowly collecting idols of the squeezebox, though most play the New York graveyard circuit (see #62). But yes, you're right: I do pride myself on being accordionated at all times.

Robt - Argh! I hate when all the new people I want to meet are already dead. I think I could've totally done some "Fear and Loathing" type journalism with this chap on those canals of Britain. Thanks for the quote and sending the links along. I notice that in the 2nd link, the very first photo is of the Severn Bridge, a piece of civil engineering to which I am unnaturally attracted.

Julie said...

Love the name of the accordian shop.

You preserve the sould of NYC, as does Ken Mac.