Wednesday, May 13, 2009


#133, Brooklyn Heights

For some reason I'm craving waffles.


Jackie said...

mmmmmmmmmmm. waffles........

nolesso- a cup of fountain soda sold at a movie theater that patrons complain is too large to constitute the smallest size.

Therese Cox said...

So the question remains. Waffles: better as a breakfast or as a verb?

(I have the same issue with milk.)

Ray Gunn said...

Reminds me of my favorite historical newspaper gaffe: "British Left Waffles on Falkland Islands."

hature: The zeitgeist characterized by snark and ad hominem attacks

Jackie said...

Waffle- better as a breakfast.

Milk- better as a verb.

I have the word "quaffle" spinning around in my head. Is this perhaps a Harry Potter related word? (I might be confusing this with Quidditch.)

Therese Cox said...

Ray - I nearly spit coffee on the computer screen. That's brilliant. Two more for the road:

"Drunk gets nine years in violin case."
"Stolen painting found by tree."

Jackie - I like the sound of that. You might want to call the International Waffle Board with your idea. That's way cooler than the stupid "got milk?" campaign.

Therese Cox said...

I cannot see the word "waffle" now in a sentence without cracking up. Some gems gathered from a four-minute internet browse:

"International Waffle Day coincides with the Feast of the Annunciation and in Europe signals the beginning of spring."

"According to Mr., which offers more than 100 waffle recipes, this food dates back to the ancient Greeks, although the waffle iron wasn't patented until 1869 by one Cornelius Swarthout."

"Yo Yo Yo, I am getting tired of the boringness of normal parties, and when I heard International Waffle Day was coming up, I just had to throw a party!"

"Hi guy's im after some ideas for mounting my waffle boards in my disco Thanks"

Jesus - in your disco?

Ken Mac said...

Did you know, Diane Keaton called her dog Waffles in Manhattan.

Jackie said...

How could this slip my mind?! Just this MORNING my colleague was reading an article about this restaurant where a customer threw a waffle at his waitress and then she SHOT him. We were making up jokes like, "Oh no you DIDN'T just hit me with a waffle!"

And then my colleague said she thought the article was more appropriate for The Onion (except she called it "The Olive" by mistake.) It was kind of hilarious.

Link to waffle story below.

Therese Cox said...

Ahhhh! Noooo! Y'all are killing me with the waffles.

"Link to waffle story"? More breakfast puns? Please? Please? Milk it for all it's worth. Oh, look what you've all driven me to... it can only end in tears...

Waffles in Manhattan? WAFFLES. IN. MANHATTAN? That dog needs a good fight with Sausages in Sagaponack. That'll put the manners on her/him/it.

Julie said...

mmm ... 133 is screwed to a lovely piece of lumber