Tuesday, August 11, 2009


#223, Spokane, WA

Sometimes the alphabet gets jealous of all this itinerant number-hunting of mine and decides it's going to sneak its way into my photographs. After all, I'm a writer, not a number-cruncher. Shouldn't I show the alphabet a little love on these typographical scavenger hunts?

Looking for shapes of letters in doorways, columns, scaffolds, and window panes is a common exercise for beginning architecture students, and while I haven't tested it beyond a few accidental discoveries like this "A", I'm curious if, from a writer's perspective, it would interest me or just frustrate me. I can see how it could quickly degenerate from a harmless game into a Hitchcockian psychological thriller with me as its victim. All of a sudden, the city is one big disorganized keyboard, and I'm trying to hunt-and-peck my way through it, searching desperately for letters, never mind words, never mind paragraphs that make any kind of sense at all.

After a lifetime of writing, I've grown quite comfortable with QWERTY, right where I know I can find it.


Adam said...

It's AZERTY here in France!

I like this one - my initial!

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

The balance in this photo is amazing. Remember when you were a child and you folded a piece of paper in half and painted your name on one side, folded the paper, and you name came out in mirror writing on the other side? If you put a line down the middle of this photo, it would look like this.

I think the letter quest would become Hitchcockian rather quickly. Can't you just hear the music in the background?

Therese Cox said...

Adam - Glad you like the "A" - it's yours. And AZERTY! I forgot that it shifts from country to country. Trying to compose an email in Belgium was a real joy. Do you at least have the &7 key in your line of numerals, I hope?

GDP - Oh, man, if I could hear Hitchcockian music in my head a little less... Great comparison, though. And thanks for your comment on the 218. I'm pleased the fish lived up to your expectations, finaccuracies and all. (Couldn't resist.)

Julie said...

Very masculine.