Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On the Beckett Bridge

Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin


Jackie said...


Love the photo, can't imagine more apt text to accompany it, love where this project is headed, love that I found a new post here today. (I just thought I might!)

Therese Cox said...

Cheers, Jackie. This one's for you. Well, you and Sam, of course. But not for that slacker Godot. No ma'am.

It's going to be Beckett Bridge for a few days while I stock the arsenal. But then - HELVETICA POSTCARD HEAVEN.

Radge said...

I lived ever so slightly to the left of this picture for five months.

Also, I walked over that bridge tonight. said...

we've missed you

Therese Cox said...

Radge - north side or south side? (Dare I ask.)

designslinger - Thank you for the warm welcome back. I'll start posting regularly next week.

Good to see some of my favorite familiar faces here. (Blast you, James Cameron, for I can no longer use the word 'avatar' in good faith.)

Radge said...

South side, Therese! What kind of a brute do you take me for?

Don't answer that.

Ray Gunn said...

Isn't it weird that my captcha is "cables"?!

So glad to see you back at it.


Therese Cox said...

Lazy captcha.

Thanks for the welcome back, Ray. I'll be seeing you over in L,YC for Hate Week.

Julie said...

Ahha ..