Friday, January 16, 2009


#16, Minetta Lane, NYC

A quiet charmer of a street nestled between 6th Avenue and MacDougal, Minetta Lane feels strangely removed from the clutter and bustle of Greenwich Village. It's one of those corners so unexpected -- so typically glossed-over in the New Yorker "Point A to Point B" mindset -- that when you first stumble upon it, you feel as if you discovered it, as if you've entered a wardrobe and come out in Narnia. Linger long enough amid the flower boxes and the fire escapes and you even start to think this place is a secret between you and the city. A stroll along the adjacent curved Minetta Street is one of the best detours you can take, brief as it is. The 16 lies at the junction of the two Minettas. Highly recommended.


Ray Gunn said...

Minetta is the most oddball little street! But I am also very fond of it. It actually reminds me of downtown Reykjavik. One of the houses was recently featured on some luxury real-estate show I got sucked into watching over the holidays. You don't want to know the numbers involved in that. Too depressing.

Julie said...

Real estate shows are depressing.