Tuesday, February 3, 2009


#34, Rotenturm-straße, Vienna

Yes, that Prof. Dr. Freud. His analysis, apparently, was so far-reaching it took up two rooms. Not to mention two titles in front of his name. After his credentials, there was hardly any room left on the nameplate for the 3 and the 4. This man didn’t need an analyst, he needed a good typographer. Still, I'd like to see what a "Freud" font would look like. Serifs? Sans serifs? Or maybe he'd need three different fonts for the id, the ego, and the superego. In any case, a bit more space for the numbers wouldn't do any harm. Unless I'm really burying some unconscious wish about number gratification that -- wait. Looks like my time's up.


Jennifer W. John said...

Yeah. If a professor and a doctor and a id, ego, and superego can't cure you, what team of specialists can? Nicely done.

Therese Cox said...

Well, Freud did have plenty of room for a team of specialists in that office. Though I can't quite imagine him breaking it up into cubicles and/or outsourcing.

"And now, Madam, will you kindly come with me into the adjacent superego antechamber."

Jackie said...

Every time someone talks about Freud, I have the impulse to say, "Tell me about your mother" (in a strange British accent). I don't know if this is from a movie, or just something I do. It's hard to say.

FYI- I've alluded to your Freud post in the post I just wrote.

Word Verification:
tringesi- An illness generally exhibited by percussionists, particularly those with overexposure to the high pitch of the Triangle instrument.

Adam said...

Hi Therese --

I'm Jackie's boyfriend -- we met at your Christmas show. Jackie told me about your blog and I've kind of turned into a regular reader. Awesome job by the way.

I also just wanted to have my moment of glory and point out, with 100% certainty, that Jackie quoted "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" in her comment above. Today is probably the greatest day of my life.

Before you stick out your tongue, Jackie -- as I'm sure you're thinking, "No -- it can't be!"...Here's the video evidence (fast forward to 3:35):


Keep up the good work, Therese.

Jackie said...

I plead that this quotation must have been placed in my mind subconsciously...(apt for Mr. Freud) through a boyfriend who enjoys (and quotes regularly from) such films.

Adam, dear, aren't you the clever one?

No worries, Therese. Adam and I will not come to blows over your blog. ;-)

Therese Cox said...

Oh, dear. And here I thought we were all having a civilized conversation about Freud. This isn't going to come to fisticuffs, is it?

:reaches for popcorn:

Julie said...

The Dr. looks ugly. Surely only the underline OR the period. Not both.