Friday, March 6, 2009


#65, Upper West Side, NYC

Yesterday was scary, today is just plain spooky. Tell me this doesn't look like a place where furniture moves by itself and strange rapping noises can be heard in the wee hours. (I have furniture that moves by itself, but I live in an old tenement building with a slanted kitchen floor. And anyone who lives the "urban lifestyle" knows all about the strange rapping noises in the wee hours. Turn it down, homeboyz!) For spook value, you can't beat the aesthetic doomery of a gnarled, leafless, shadow-casting tree. I particularly like how the winter shadows obscure the thin gold 65. And then you have that arch. That black lantern. I have grown accustomed to the ramshackle, uneven quality of the facades of many Brooklyn buildings. Why is architectural symmetry sometimes so foreboding?

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Julie said...

Likewise, "doomery".