Tuesday, March 17, 2009


#76, Greenwich Village, NYC

After yesterday's assault on the eyes, a return to good taste. And then you realize: it sure is nice to look at, but there isn't much to say about symmetry, beauty, and good taste, apart from "Well done! What good taste! Tasteful! Impeccable!" Hmm. Could it be that we, in a backwards way, need the eyesores to give us perspective and keep the city alive and interesting? Or should we keep our architecture beautiful and leave that dubious job to the city-dwellers?


Ken Mac said...

where is this?

Ray Gunn said...

Eh. I give it a B+. You "No" why.

And I'd trade tasteful city dwellers for gaudy architecture any day. Like that's going to happen.

glita - a granted wish, with slight strings attached

Therese Cox said...

Ken - it's on Washington Place. The doorway has been partially boarded up just below the "No. 76" for a long time (with a really ugly Sharpie-drawn "76" scrawled on the board, completely unnecessarily), though I haven't checked back in a few months. I wonder if it's still there?

Ray - No. I've No. idea.

Julie said...

Boring now.
Having seen 75 that are less so.