Tuesday, May 12, 2009


#132, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

It's been a slow couple of days here at the old &7. Much of this has to do with the font-loving/architecture-digging part of my brain being subjected to an onslaught of Osmonds billboards and dynamite-encrusted Yakov Smirnoff ads in Branson, Missouri. What a country! But I'm never too overwhelmed to talk to all y'all about the many charms of brick.

Fortunately, I'm not alone in my brick-gazing ways, and for those who'd like to be convinced of brick's many charms, I suggest you take a peek at the new spin-off blog from Invisible Paris, called, aptly, Bricks in Paris. It's a lovely fledgling project exploring everything from crumbling French 2nd/3rd BC beauties to 1920's municipal architecture. In the meantime, I'll hit ya with some Brooklyn brick. That would be figuratively, of course.


Ray Gunn said...

We've got the brains, they've got the brick, let's make lots of money!Wait, that's not how it goes?


Nice brick!

brevel: a very short celebration

Pierre said...

I've been sitting looking at your latest post and thinking of where I live and where I used to live and missing the visual personality and character of Portland. Lots of old brick there. I liked to walk around and look at the old buildings. I would sometimes come upon a five story wall of brick with the sun shining just at the wall's edge. All the undulating imperfections and textures would stand out. Nice.

Your blog continues to inspire me to stay in the art world. I've wandered away for a while. I need to go to a gallery and feed my soul.

Carry on like you do!

Adam said...

Thanks for the link. I was getting quite lonely in my brick loving world, so it's great to find a kindred spirit!

And why haven't I come across your blog before - it's fantastic!

Therese Cox said...

In my experience, Ray, having brains and bricks don't lead to money. They lead to blogs. Nice brick yerself. Brevel - ha!

Pierre, your comments make me wistful for Portland... and sure I haven't been there in ten years and then only for a cup of coffee. And thank you for the kind words of encouragement. Happy art-eating.

Adam, welcome! Any lover of brick is a kindred spirit indeed. Thanks for reading and thanks for your great sites. My numbers are very Paris-deprived, sadly. :sighs wistfully, gazes at Paris bricks:

Julie said...

There was a brick mania in Sydney during the 60s. Red brick. Ugh.