Sunday, May 17, 2009


#137, Congress St, Brooklyn

This mural has been on a little-trafficked portion of Congress Street for nearly eight years. I always admire it whenever I pass, reading along as the white noise of cars passing on the BQE grants the air a reverent hush. The full text reads:
We Will Still Stand: New York yesterday, today and tomorrow bleeds. But for everyone's suffering there is a fellow New Yorker, a fellow American reaching out to stanch the flow, to comfort, to help, and above all, to sacrifice. Our hearts may have been broken, but they continue to beat. Most incredibly -- something terrorists cannot grasp -- they beat with a love for this nation and for one another.
The mural has faded and chipped over time. Weather has done damage, dirt has collected, a no parking sign has elbowed in. The plywood fence has rotted beneath the red, white, blue, and shades of gray. And though the paint is ephemeral, the words are not.


Jackie said...

this is lovely, T. It's really important to me to know that murals & text like this are still standing.

Thanks for sharing it.

Therese Cox said...

Yeah, I like how understated it is. A nice mix of ephemeral and eternal, with some annoying parking laws thrown in. Classic New York, in other words.

Julie said...

Will leave this oneannes