Friday, September 11, 2009


#254, East Village, NYC

The search for beauty in senselessness. The need for something brave, stupid, astonishing, and full of love when it matters most. August 7, 1974: why not turn our minds, if only for a moment, to what happened on that day in lower Manhattan, to when Philippe Petit committed an act of impossible grace: he put a rope between two towers that he loved and went for a walk.
"There is no why," he said. 'When I see three oranges, I juggle. When I see two towers, I walk."
You can read Michael Bierut's beautiful piece on the documentary Man on Wire here. You can rent the film most anywhere. But you don't need a DVD to do something senselessly beautiful today. There is no why. Just how.


Jackie said...

I didn't know anything about this rope walk between the towers.

Thanks for this, T.

Ray Gunn said...

I keep bumping Man on Wire up on our Netflix list, and it keeps getting pushed back for more episodes of Weeds. There is no justice.


Therese Cox said...

Easily one of the most beautiful, moving things I have ever seen or contemplated. Let me know if you decide to see it! xo to you both.

Ray Gunn said...

It's like WVW is mocking me:

oweedg: the property of being made to think about marijuana even if you'd rather not

Therese Cox said...

Ha! No such mockery at the Design Observer site. They treated me to scotch34 yesterday.

Jackie said...

HA! Ray. That WVW is funny.

Julie said...

This ran in Sydney last year; and I missed it.

Might have to hunt out a copy now.phe