Tuesday, September 15, 2009


#258, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Because some days, this is what living in the city feels like.

Not to cast aspersions on A. Mesh, MD, but there is so much wrong with this image. The sign is poorly designed. Spaces between letters and commas are chaotic. Letters and words are squished rudely together. I feel a headache and urgent need to attend the pain clinic simply from looking at this. It's recycling day, or maybe it isn't. The "this side up" arrow is pointing sideways. The garbage cans are all clustered together, crowding like harassed commuters on the rush hour subway.

I searched in vain for weeks for a 258 that would please the eye, only to find a vortex on every block that showed promise: a garden here, a church there, a school that takes up half a city block in every space where a 258 should be. Infinite possibilities turned to dead ends, false leads, frustrations, which in turn led me circling back to this every time. Broken-down boxes and dregs of city living. Neurology, headache, pain clinic. I think there is a message in this.

Because some days, this is what living in the city feels like.


Anonymous said...

There had to be a 258 because some days are just frustrating and messy.

Therese Cox said...

Exactly. I decided to just go with it.

Sara said...

It looks like that bit of suitcase on the subway platform has been bullied to the back of the throng. Now THAT'S how I feel in cities, quite often. Good luck, little guy.

John said...

A. Mess.

But glorious in its ineptitude.

I once had to edit a sentence by a writer that began "Sinn Feins' Jerry Addams has reportedly excepted an offer from . . ."

I could only draw back in awe of such incompetence.

Therese Cox said...

Quid, I'm right there with you. I find certain inanimate objects loaded with pathos. On a bad day, an abandoned suitcase will fill me with unspeakable despair.

John, I can only hope you were justly rewarded for your heroic deeds of editorship. Seriously, though. Don't they know it's spelled Geri?

Wendy said...

I loved the wordplay :)

Auntie V's LIfe and Cookery said...

Love your unique idea! Great concept and so cool to scroll through. Thanks

Therese Cox said...

Wendy & Victoria - Thanks for following along. Come back and visit!

Julie said...

Maybe the sign had been tossed on the heap, too.