Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dublin Dereliction Duty: The Snug

The Liberties, Dublin

I like this one, even though the crouching kid in the window reminds me of that precious Tears for Fears album cover. Cheer up, kid, and go get yo'self some mad bric-a-brac.


Annie said...

love this

Therese Cox said...

Thanks! As a secret Annie Rhiannon fan, I feel like Annie Proulx just complimented me on a short story. That is to say, real nice.

Pierre said...

Tis a great photograph, and from Ireland too! I've got quite a bit of the Irish coursin' through me veins. Me grand mum was a McCoy.

Therese Cox said...

Thanks, Pierre. Good to see you around again. I've got some Irish coursing through my veins, and man does that stuff coagulate.

:rim shot:

Ugh. Back to taking pictures.