Monday, January 17, 2011

#349: Upstanding Citizen

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

It's been a tad laconic over here in Ampersand Land as you may have noticed, and the bit-of-quiet may persist for a little while longer. My hibernation instincts of mid-January have lurched into frantic packing activities as I'll be off in Dublin for the next two weeks gathering more numbers and generally cavorting about. In the meantime, I hope the consistency of the images bring a little light to your screen. I'll be checking in and chiming in as time allows. Enjoy the journey.


Radge said...

You can collect your welcoming muffin basket at arrivals.

Or, if not muffins, your welcoming pint in the Chatham Cocktail Lounge, as it's also known. Have a safe trip.

Therese Cox said...

Would it be greedy to demand muffin basket AND pint? Well then, call me greedy.

See you soon, Aer Lingus willing. Today's flight has been canceled - hope to leave without further hitchery tomorrow.

Jackie said...

Your flight was canceled? MEH. Hope you arrived safely. And Radge-- I hope you hooked my girl up with both muffin & pint.

Therese Cox said...

Fear not, Jackie. Both pints and pastries were eventually, and quite successfully, consumed.