Thursday, February 17, 2011

#318: Robofont

Upper East Side, NYC

Completely unique and utterly charming, these techno-esque forms gazed down on the street below like gargoyles, glimmering faint gold from a tall pane of glass. I stood in a giant pile of snow to try to capture this one, all the while avoiding the blaring horns of oncoming traffic. The cast scale of the Upper East Side's architecture can be hard to overcome when you're 5'2", but that's no reason not to try. Could this be the best #3 so far of the 2011 collection? You make the call.


Jackie said...

Your Tumblr looks AWESOME! <3 Loved seeing the numbers side by side, like that.

Pierre said...

I do kind of like the three. It's unique. I would like to see all the numbers in this font.

Therese Cox said...

Jackie - It's fun, right? If only I could mess with the html or throw some fairy dust on it so the numbers didn't go out of order for no apparent reason. C'mon, Tumblr. Learn to count.

Pierre - I know, I would too! If I ever get an iPhone it will purely be for the font identification app.