Monday, March 7, 2011

#300: Phases

Upper East Side, NYC

The last of the 300's is upon us. It's a milestone, though a bit of a sad one since my love for threes falls just behind my love of ampersands and staying inside on a rainy Sunday. As I prepare this post, the last of the 300's, I'm listening to the cold March rain lash the windows, dolefully eyeing my accordion case and hoping an umbrella and a car service will be enough to get me to the Balthrop, Alabama gig tonight at Rockwood Music Hall safe and dry. I'm also noting how cool it is that the zeroes look like waxing half moons. In between one place and another, one phase and the next, I can't think too much about the dark I'm leaving behind. I can only look ahead to the fullness that comes next.


Bradd Laval said...

Looks very art noveau. I have a liking for *asterisks*

Therese Cox said...

Bradd - Asterisks in the wild are fun to hunt, too. Though I always end up looking for a footnote that never comes.