Monday, April 25, 2011

#251: Chicago Spikes

Chicago, IL

There are many beautiful things in the world, but I can't think of many that beat flying into Chicago on a clear day over Lake Michigan, seeing that unreal skyline come into view through the plane window. For me, it's a view that also means going home. It means I'm about to throw myself back into all the things that make up who I am: architecture-gawking downtown. Hockey-watching on the TV and Pat Foley's voice shouting "Hawks win! Hawks win!" Suburbs with lakes, forests, rivers, groves, and oaks in the name. Bicycle-riding through the Morton Arboretum. Alleys and wooden fire escapes. Telephone wires. Pizza that puts sauce on the top. Dis, dat, and dese guys. Easter Sunday borscht with my family. Things that make me homesick when I'm away. Things I savor from the second that plane lands at O'Hare till the second it's wheels up all over again.

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