Wednesday, April 6, 2011

#270: The Eyes of Dr. DJ Eckleburg

DUMBO, Brooklyn

Like popcorn and whiskey, I've always appreciated an inspired ill-pairing. A bluegrass version of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" shouldn't work, but it does. (Luther Wright & The Wrongs' "Rebuild the Wall" is what I'm talking about, and if you haven't heard it -- "Are there any deer in the theatre tonight? Get them up against the wall! That one in the headlights, he don't look right to me" -- it's well worth the hour of suspended disbelief.)

So if Sean Donnelly, AKA MC NxtGen, the singing binman from Loughborough, can rap about the National Health Service, surely there is room in the world for Dr. DJ Eckleburg, Dumpster-diving DJ to the literati. He raps about Gatz, he drops beats about Keats, he gets everybody in da house to put their hands up in the air for J-Franz, and I found him -- right here in DUMBO.

Dreaming up fake MC names is almost as fun as making up roller derby names, and while I've no skillz with two turntables and a microphone, it doesn't stop me from thinking of what I'd call myself and what I'd rap about if I had no shame at all. Just wait till -- in the guise of MC SMLXL -- I drop my album "Rapping About Architecture." (Anyone got a good rhyme for "Mies van der Rohe")? Or better yet, I can just set down my t-square, jump ahead to "The Blueprint 4," and beat Jay-Z at his own game. I may do it myself, I'm so Brooklyn.


Jackie said...

"He raps about Gatz..." YESSSS!!!!

From standin on the pier edge boppin
to drivin some of the hottest cars West Egg has ever seen
For droppin some of the hottest t-shirts Daisy has ever seen
From the car lot, with Wilson there
fleein the murder scene, you know me well

Jay-Z and I go way back. (yo.)

Therese Cox said...

Brill. I hereby give your hip-hop career the green light.