Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#138: In Your Cities Numbers Will Rot

Boerum Hill, NYC

This one's been festering in the collection for awhile, and I'm glad to see it's held together long enough for me to post it. The scenic decay of today's #138 makes me pretty psyched to check out this Anselm Kiefer documentary that's finally come to New York after I read a glowing review in the Guardian last year that taunted my appetite. The film is called "Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow" and it was directed by Sophie Fiennes. What you really need to know about my relationship to Anselm Kiefer is I'm so obsessed with his strange and beautiful work that I once went to Montreal for a weekend in the middle of February so I could see an exhibition of his. Never been colder, and seldom happier.


antonella said...

I'm still thinking that Kiefer's Sette Palazzi Celesti is one of the best exhibitions I've ever seen. They coudn't have chosen a more perfect location: an hangar in Milan.

Therese Cox said...

Antonella - That sounds like a perfect setting for his work. It gives me a happy shiver to think of his huge canvases and warped, rusting airplane pieces hung inside a hangar. I'm really looking forward to the film because I love that large scale stuff and love seeing how it interacts in a big environment, not just a bunch of frames hung on a gallery wall.

I'm happy you commented here because now I got to check out your own site. Great stuff and I'll be sure to making more visits in the future. Come back and visit anytime!