Friday, August 12, 2011

#142: Letters to Santa Monica

Los Angeles, CA

The only Santa I grew up knowing in the Midwest was the guy in the red fatsuit. California swiftly took care of these gaps in my awareness. I'm a cold-weather gal with more east coast than west in me -- not to mention a complexion more ghost than most -- so imagine my shock when I went to L.A. on tour with Balthrop, Alabama and it turned out to be, like, totally cool.

We took some time out of our west coast tour two summers ago to hit the Santa Monica beach, and fortunately for posterity, Miss Georgiana Starlington was on hand with her omnipresent video camera to capture our impressions of L.A. in her famous "What's Your Favorite Thing About..." series. Well, famous in our van, anyway. The wind was blowing sand in our faces and into the camera microphone that day, but I think the overdubs were really tastefully done.

The title of today's post comes from an ├╝ber-catchy song composed by our banjo player, Cotton Tyler Guin, also known as Andrew Vladeck. We recorded it in DUMBO's own Saltlands studio this summer and one of these days y'all will get to snap your fingers and sing along to it. Along with that cool new album we've been threatening about for awhile.


Radge said...

Will you still talk to me when you're famous??

Therese Cox said...

Yes, and when I am infamous, I´ll talk to you even more.