Thursday, September 22, 2011

#101: Stargazing, Temple Bar

Temple Bar, Dublin

A strange mural carved with names of constellations and shades of gray. Andromeda. Pegasus. Canis Minor. Deep crevices and odd dots. Curious ridges and swirls. Cryptic hieroglyphs and ancient Runic imagery. It's street art, which means you can touch it, pass it every day, trace your fingers over it.

This part-mystical, part-astronomical mural is one of my favorite things in the city -- whimsical yet grounded in grids and maps, a sort of a photographer's black hole. Start snapping pictures and you're stuck there for hours. I am absolutely in love with this mural and have been trying to track down the name of the artist who created it. Anyone on my Dublin street team know anything about this? If so, would you be kind enough to leave a comment and let me know? Thanks -- you're a star.

Yeah, I hear those voices too.


Robt said...

I'm stumped. I do know the piece, but tbh it never caught my eye in quite the way it did yours. And a 20 minute trawl has yielded precisely no information on it.

In hunting, I did discover that the church of SS Michael & John, aka Smock Alley Theatre, is undergoing big work- I hope your baby's not in jeopardy. The drawings are worryingly inconclusive...

Leave it with me!

Therese Cox said...

Robt - Yes, please keep me posted on your research! I was surprised there was no info on or around the mural, none that I could find. I'd love to know the artist, though.

And what's this about Smock Alley? I turn my back on Archiseek for one minute, and... er, for one year and... ah, well, with the economy in the gutter I just assumed nothing was being built anymore. I hope they are gentle with her, whatever nefarious things they are planning.