Friday, September 9, 2011

#114: Sentinels

Yorkville, NYC

If the question is, "How cool is it to stick free-standing numbers on top of a lonesome awning?" the answer is most definitely Very.

And I do believe that a friend of mine and sometime reader of this blog suggested that if I ever do a number line again, that this number be accompanied by two cans of Heinz beans or Paul Hardcastle holding a hexagon. I'm afraid to ask why, but it's a damn good mental image.


Robt said...

I'd been waiting for this one. Excellent choice!

And don't worry, I'll leave you in your blissful ignorance.

(A Network Q car mechanic would also have been acceptable, if a little obvious... ;¬) )

Therese Cox said...

Robt - I had a sneaking suspicion you might be waiting for this one. I do hope it lived up to your expectations!

And er, thanks for the additional inscrutable imagery.