Thursday, September 29, 2011

#94: Orange You Going

Grace Church, NYC

The two photos aren't related by geography, but they are united by one unusual aspect: orange doors on churches.

I'll confess, I'm sort of a sucker for the combination: that unmistakable hue favored by architect/design folks (yes, I do own about 21 magazine holders in this exact orange color from Bigso Box of Sweden) offset by the weathered stone of an old church. As for the Bruges picture, it makes me very happy as it reminds me of cycling down the narrow streets of the medieval city while Angelus bells rang out and the summer sun slowly set. Consider it my very modest contribution to the as-yet unrealized Bruges Cycle Chic website.

What's that you say? Bruges Cycle Chic has already been done? Ah well, I suppose I'll find my niche in Bruges Orange Door Churches Cycle Chic. So when it finally hits the big time, I can say that I got there first.

Bruges, Belgium


Pierre said...

Ahh, tres chic madame! For more chicness, visit here: copenhagenchic/5157099/
Sorry, no orange ones.

Therese Cox said...

Pierre - Yeah, I am a total sucker for the cycle chic sites. Orange or no orange.