Friday, October 7, 2011

#86: Efflorescence, With Cables

Phibsborough, Dublin

If "Efflorescence, With Cables" isn't the name of experimental musical suite or avant-garde tone poem, it should be. Plus, efflorescence is one of those great words that you only learn if you spend a great deal of time staring at decaying buildings and looking for le mot juste. Efflorescence means "to flower out" in French and is a condition you see in lots of concrete and masonry when water is driven out and salts come to the surface. Add some wires and some dripping paint, and voilà! -- an Ampersand Seven accidental masterpiece.


Jackie said...

Effloresence. Great word. Should always be said with a flourish of the tongue, I think. Between that and "surfeit," I think I'm all set for the GRE.

Owen said...

Your numerical flowers are opening at a rate only equaled by the rotation of the earth... I'm sure one must have trot right along to keep up with you.

Oh, and a bit of music concerning masterpieces :

Therese Cox said...

Jackie - If this word ever appears on a GRE, I'm gonna leap out of my seat rejoicing. Anything but the dreaded GRACKS... :shudder:

Owen - My industriousness is out of necessity, I'm afraid... but I'm happy to have y'all trotting along right beside me. Or should I say Grateful.