Friday, January 4, 2013

#362: World's Best!

Greenwich Village, NYC
This reminds me of those "World's Greatest Dad" mugs or "#1 Brother" pencils I used to buy at my elementary school's annual pre-Christmas fair ("Santa's Secret Shop" I believe the bustling lunchroom was called for one capitalistic day), that mind-boggling array of hunks of crap  useless garbage trinkets and do-dads we'd proudly purchase with money inevitably "borrowed" from said World's Greatest Mom or Dad. My mom still has one of these mirrors I gave her, a surprisingly hardy red plastic affair that she still carries in her purse, though that was a more modest one that just said "MOM." I'm sure she received her share of fawning "Awesomest Coolest Mom, Like, Ever" knick-knacks from four kids and countless seasons of Santa's Secret Shop gift-giving, but looks like the simple approach fared best in the long run.

Now I don't know how my other 362s would feel about this tendentious "World's Best" boast, but to avoid any hurt feelings, let's just say -- if anyone asks -- they're all the greatest, too.


Pierre said...

So, you're back counting down again. Glad of that. Ironically, it will be exactly 363 days before my next birthday. Hope your holidays were fun.

Therese Cox said...

Hi Pierre! Yeah, I decided I liked the way the countdown looks on the page -- counting up looks backwards to me. Happy birthday and nice to see you around.