Wednesday, February 27, 2013

#308: Cult Classic

Upper East Side, NYC
While I'm not crazy about the typography on this one, there's something so weird about this whitewashed setting and eerie orange glow that I can't quite get over. The place looks like the entrance to some minimalist Upper East Side sun cult. Wouldn't get too close to this one.


Robt P said...

That looks almost like an inverted catenary. I wonder is there a word for an arch shaped like an inverted catenary...? ;)

(Moving house on Friday, to Harold's Cross. The kettle's on!)

Therese Cox said...

:reaches for Oxford Dictionary of Architecture:

Hmm. Inverted caternary sounds good to me.

Best wishes on your move! Hope to make it to tea time one of these days. I look forward to hearing of your new digs.