Saturday, February 23, 2013

#312: Area Code

DUMBO, Brooklyn
312 was my area code when I was a kid, and I still feel a connection with it. All Chicago phone numbers -- both the city and the suburbs -- were 312 until I entered the double digits, when Chicago kept 312 and 708 became the area code for the suburbs. It remained that way till the truly inglorious and forgettable 847 arrived, and I've stopped developing fond feelings for area codes ever since.

By the way, as for "Chicagoland," I never liked that phrase, but it rolls off the tongue better than "The Greater Chicagoland Area," which I should remember every time I stumble over "Columbia Waterfront District." It seems I'm destined to live in places that push the 140-character limit.


VioletSky said...

I feel so much better knowing someone else out there feels the same way about area codes. (although for me it is the 416 and 905 divide and now we are getting another one added to the 647 and 289 which will be the unfortunate 437)

Therese Cox said...


I am dreadfully behind on my comments. Thanks for your comment. Incidentally, I think that the dreaded and forgettable "847" that came to Chicago was the first area code without a zero or one in the center -- one of the reasons the new ones are so cumbersome and hard to remember.