Saturday, March 14, 2015

#293: Fisherman's Blues

Monterey, CA
So I'm aware that blogging is dead (as is the novel, as is the Irish language, as is most everything I've devoted my livelihood to as of late, f**k the pundits), and yet..

I have this compulsion. This need for completion. The unfinished number line was bothering me. The lack of an obsessive public project, the want of an outlet to share a small piece of what makes me happy every day, was bothering me. So let's just say I'm going to keep this countdown going now that I've kicked it back to life and see if I can't make it back down to #1 after all.

On a blog that loves typography, there are days when the number is the star of the show. Then there are those days when you have to step back and let the wooden fisherman have his moment in the limelight. Here's to the fine yellow-jacketed seafaring gent I found one day while wandering around the piers in Monterey, California. He looks so pleased with himself and his catch that I couldn't resist.

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