Sunday, January 25, 2009


It's &7's Silver Anniversary! When you post every day, it's easy to start racking up those milestones. The way my calculations go, I should be on my way to lavish gifts of diamonds by, oh, March 2nd. So to celebrate 25, here's not one, not two, but three twenty-fives. (I am fully aware that I have a few steadfast Guardians of the Sacred Apostrophe among my ranks, hence my reluctance to write 25's or 25s.)

#25, Charles Bridge, Prague

#25, Sandymount, Dublin

#25, Temple Cottages, Dublin

On occasion, I do face the daunting prospect of choosing between two particular twelves or mediating a Survivor-like selection process among an even larger pool of contenders. While consistency certainly has its appeal, so does overindulgence. Enjoy.


Jackie said...

1. Happy Anniversary!
2. Your use of the apostrophe is always stellar, Therese. Stellar.
3. I often wondered if you had to choose between more than one number to post.
4. Then I wondered if it was a difficult decision to decide to post three today.
5. Your blog helps me to remember the date. "What day is today...? Ah, YES. Today is Wallflower 14." This will become increasingly difficult once it's not January anymore.

Therese Cox said...

Thank's, Jackie. Im glad to know apostrophe's still matter.

Pierre said...

I like the first 25 because it's not a real 25. It's a 25 wanna be, not designed as a 25. It's a coat of arms that someone put "25" on. It makes it stand out more than other 25s (25's). I think it has its own unique "not a part of the crowd" look. Is it the twenty fifth coat of arms on that street?
Anyway I like it. Nice composition.

Therese Cox said...

Yeah, the accidental quality of the first one was the main appeal. Also, it was on the Charles Bridge, one of the major tourist attractions of Prague, and probably the last thing you'd notice among all the jaw-dropping river views and (ahem, replicas of) 17th century statues. There were definitely other coats of arms around, but I don't remember if they all had numbers as purty as this one.

Ray Gunn said...

We guardians of the sacred apostrophe generally choose not to worry about the issue until we get to 100 and beyond (FYI, once we get there, it's 100s). All numbers below 100 should be spelled out as you did! Right on!

I am with Jackie! Your blog helps me remember the date too! It will start getting weird when January's over, since February 1 will be number thirty-two.

Therese Cox said...

Yeah, agreed. January is just too easy. But think of how fun it will be to see a number you never associated with your birthday . . . ON your birthday.

Julie said...

My hand went out to feel the third 25: nice texture.

For future reference, what does 25s contravene?