Friday, January 9, 2009


#9, Malá Strana, Prague

While exploring Malá Strana ("the small quarter"), watching boats launching leisurely onto the Vltava River, I happened upon this number 9. This was one of the first numbers I remember deciding to photograph, so details of context I'm so careful to make note of now weren't yet on my radar. Was it a door? The side of a boat? I do recall it sat very low to the ground, so low I had to crouch down to grass level to get the shot. Bits of rust are flaking away near the bottom, so it must be metal. Beyond that, I'm stumped. I'm also stumped why I never did find that Infant Jesus of Prague despite all maps insisting I was standing on it. Note the little fishy tail of the 9. As of yet, I've never seen another like it.


Unknown said...

The red in this photo is gorgeous. I wish I had a small secret room in my apartment painted this color. A red room of one's own.

Julie said...

Jesus of Prague probably had a fishy tale too