Friday, March 13, 2009


What do you do with leftover numbers? You make a game, of course! This diversion was inspired by the How well do you know Dublin? thread over at Archiseek, which has provided me with many enjoyable hours of time-wasting and speculation. Can you match each number to its city? For fun, I'm throwing in a city that isn't pictured. I believe this is what the Car Talk guys call pre-obfuscation. Your options are &7 favorite hotspots: Brooklyn, Budapest, Dublin, and Prague. I'll post the answers at the end of the week. Till then, guess away!





Anonymous said...

a) could be Dublin, but I don't think so- the door type is right, but not the numbers. I'm guessing Brooklyn.

b) Dublin.

c) Prague?

Ray Gunn said...

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, and Prague

consa - a brief pep talk

Jackie said...

oooooh. I'm not going to be good at this game. But I'll play anyway. I think:

B) Brooklyn

C) Prague

But I'm baffled by A. I'll say Dublin (final answer). Though Ray's guess that you used Brooklyn twice is an intriguing one.

priedn- an injury to the wrist, most commonly occurring through the repeated effort of trying to open the lid of a pickle jar.

Therese Cox said...

Hmm... good guesses, all. One of you has two out of three. But so far no one's got C. Who wants the second guess and the glory?

Anonymous said...



Therese Cox said...

And the winner is... Jackie for getting 2 out of 3! (Not good at this game, huh?) Extra points go to:

Robt for 1 out of 3 and his sound logic (You were right about the Dublin door type. We don't have many - any? - like this in these parts, though now I will be on the lookout. Also, that green sign was a deliberate trap. There is, to be fair, a little sign on the door, not pictured, that says "Failte". So your instincts were good.)

Ray for 1 out of 3 and anticipation that I might have been playing a trick (though I wasn't... this time, heh heh).

The answers are:
a) Dublin
b) Brooklyn
c) Budapest

Thanks for playing! If ya liked it, I'll do more.

Julie said...