Wednesday, March 25, 2009


#84, New Haven, CT

So what's creepier? A decapitated 8 or the fact that it comes from the New Haven Casket Company?


Pierre said...

It appears to me that the casket company has been around a long time. The lettering looks kind of Art Deco. Just a thought.

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Therese Cox said...

The Art Deco lettering is gorgeous, isn't it? And yeah, the place has definitely been around a while. I did find some "Who's Who in New England" type articles about a few gentlemen from the turn of the century who were employed by the New Haven Casket Company. Doesn't seem to be hopping much these days, though.

Ray Gunn said...

This has to be one of my favorites! I love the Deco numbers! I don't see the eight as decapitated, though. More like that lightheaded feeling you get when you are meditating.

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Julie said...

The beheaded eight is like a jolly uncle sitting on a poof in front of a roaring fire. I like him.