Friday, March 27, 2009


"It was the best of types, it was the worst of types." A visual fable in two parts: I call it A Tale of Two Thomas Streets. (For the record, I quite like them both.)

#86, Thomas Street, NYC

#86, Thomas Street, Dublin


Ray Gunn said...

The second one looks more like a tomb marker than an address for someone still alive.

The first one, meanwhile, is charmingly hideous.

proar - a scoffing noise most commonly heard as a response to the tall tales of the inebriated

Pierre said...

Thankfully there were no executions on either of the two streets, or perhaps there were. What I would like to know is the stories that are associated with the two addresses. I guess that's the sentimentalist in me.

Bantered: Being pecked to death by a type of small chicken.

Therese Cox said...

Ray - appropriate observation, as the Thomas House (the pub connected to the 86) styles itself as a kind of dingy East Village-y dive. And you know me, I'm a sucker for the hint o' Goth lettering.

Pierre - Dickens surely had more raw material to work with, story-wise. The only criminal element here is the real estate. Would you like to buy a condo in 86 Thomas Street, NYC for a crisp 1.57 mil?

Julie said...

Proar, that is expensive for a dingy dive.