Sunday, March 29, 2009


#88, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

It's such a symmetrical number that I'm glad to see someone decided to have a little fun with it. Great brick textures in this one as well.


Greensboro Daily Photo said...

Dear Amepersand Seven:

Can you tell us a little about your method. Do you go out an search for numbers for the next day? Or, do you just snap attractive numbers as you see them? How did you get so interested in numbers? What do you consider the ultimate find? Most collectors have their lists of what they are looking for. Do you? If you have explained all of this already, please just direct us to that existing post. We love the text that accompanies your numbers!

Thank you,

Greensboro Daily Photo (NC, USA)

Therese Cox said...

Thanks for reading, Greensboro, and thanks for your comment! I just checked out your site and love your vivid, evocative photos. As a concrete-enclosed city-dweller they have me longing for greener pastures. You can click on my "southern comfort" link in the menu bar for my modest handful of NC pix.

Those are some great questions. I'll do a quick crash course through them here and probably riff a little more on them for my next post since they're so good. Thanks for making me pause and scratch my head a little.

My iPhoto has hundreds of numbers collected over several years. I basically hunt and gather, snapping any number that catches my eye and sorting through them later. I hated math in school, but I love the look of numbers and I love taking pictures of architecture. For now, my wish list is simple: finding numbers 1-365 and posting them, one a day, in sequential order. I haven't "run out" yet, but that will all change once I get past #100. More to come in tomorrow's post (#90). I'm a writer, remember? And a long-winded one at that...

Julie said...

The mould is delicious. However, the numbers are irritating in not following usual pecking order.