Monday, March 30, 2009


Three 89s, three cities. Y'all did such a fine job with this game last time that I'm bringing it back for another round. Can you match each number to its corresponding city? I'm expanding the list to include five cities this time 'cause I'm in the mood for more of that pre-obfuscation. Your choices are, in alphabetical order: Budapest, Prague, Rome, Verona, and Vienna. Bonus points awarded for logic, but random hunches and stabs in the dark are equally welcome. Who wants in?





Robt P said...

The first one is Verona?

The middle one is Budapest?

The last one is Rome?

(The first one might be Rome too?)

'limpat'- to congratulate ineffectually. (I don't usually play this WV game, but this was too close to 'limpet' to pass up!)

Pascal Balthrop said...

#1 - Budapest
#2 - Prague
#3 - Rome

Ray Gunn said...

The second one is obvs Prague. I'd be silly not to recognize it after spending a week there. Um, not inside the astronomical clock . . . in Prague.

My guess for #1 is Rome and Vienna for #3.

Therese Cox said...

:plays Jeopardy theme music:

I'll keep mum on the answers till the end of the day. Anyone else wanna play?

Ray Gunn said...

I change my answer for #3 to Budapest.

Oh, I forgot:

flumi - a state of nervousness before public speaking that causes one to clear one's throat repeatedly

(I'm so glad my WVW game is catching on!!!)

Therese Cox said...

And the answers are . . .

a) Budapest
b) Prague
c) Rome

Pascal - top of the class! Now that you've correctly guessed all 3, I think you should reward yourself by taking your band on tour to all of these cities.

Points go out to Robt for Rome and Ray for Prague. It is indeed the astronomical clock shown in b). (Check out scary skeleton dude with the hourglass.)

I don't mean to "limpat", but good work to all. Thanks for playing!

Robt P said...

If Pascal is taking the band on the road, Euro-style, he's coming to my town. End of. (If I could do a HTML strikethrough in the Comments, I'd have made some play on End Up / End Of. Alas...)

Also, FYI- the URL of the Rome photo had the word 'Rome' in it. I (honestly) only noticed it after my guess, which wasn't really a guess- those numbers couldn't come from anywhere else.

Therese Cox said...

Aha! Good observation about the url. Thank you. I shall have to work on my obfuscation skillz.

Yeah, Balthrop, Alabama goes hand in glove with my spinoff project: Cox, Dublin. Mmmm... a double bill?

Julie said...

Wondering how to tell a city from a font.

Not so much ineffectually as condescendingly.