Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Ringsend, Dublin


Julie said...

But but but ... text woman, text!

Jackie said...

feel like that phrase ought to be included in the lyrics to "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights"

Therese Cox said...

Julie - Ah, I've been called out. Today should remedy the text deficiency. Nice to see you back - I've been enjoying "Riff" and will be stopping by more regularly.

Jackie - Good call, GF. They're a set of lyrics, but from "Dirty Old Town". I'll give Meatloaf a call and see if he wants to borrow them.

John said...

Originally a song about Salford, of course.

The gasometer remains a significant landmark in Dublin, although I can't quite see it from my office window. I don't know how many of those apartments are occupied now, either. A monument to folly if not a folly itself!