Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hell's Kitchen

Wexford Street, Dublin

Yes, there is a restaurant in Dublin by the name of Hell, and you'll be pleased to know you can either go to Hell or, if you ask nicely, they will deliver Hell to your doorstep. (Take-away Hell is there for all you multi-taskers, if you don't mind the purgatorial wait.)

What's one to do after such a sinful meal? I have a dim memory from many years ago of a neon sign on Harcourt Street for a nightclub called The Vatican. One wonders if it's still there for late night repenters or if the Roman Catholic church has really lost its grip on the country.

Killer logo, by the way. I'd love to know who's responsible.


Radge said...

The Vatican perished, I'm happy to say. It's now a pub with all beer garden and no substance, apart from the substances.

Conan Drumm said...

Worth working there to be able to answer, 'Me? I'm a waiter in Hell.'

Therese Cox said...

Radge - Ah well. But I just thought of The Church - the old Saint Mary's that's been tarted up in purple lights. OK bar, but not infallible.

Conan - Oh so tempting. I once worked in a chain retail bookstore and around the Christmas rush we used to joke about answering the phone, "Thank you for calling Dante's Inferno. To which ring of hell can I direct your call?" But this would be way more authentic.

Julie said...

The logo is very stylish. I like the placement of your post-it note.

Therese Cox said...

Julie - I am positively OBSESSED with Post-it notes.